Every site that has won 'The Ocean Liner Resource Award' will be listed in this section. Each site is given a rating between 1 and 5, where 5 is the highest grade achievable. Some of the sites that have won are award are sadly no longer accessible, but nevertheless remains listed here as an affirmation of their achievements.
Site Description Rating
Masters of the Blue Riband
|site no longer active|
Providing a great range of information, Masters of the Blue Riband was probably one of the best ocean liner-related sites on the web. However, it is unfortunately no longer available.
Lost Liners
Telling the stories of some of the ships that are no longer with us, this site gives quite a lot of information on sunken vessels. You can also read about some ships that avoided sinking and instead met their fate at the scrapyards. One of the top liner-sites of the web! 
Ben Schumin's Classic Liners of Long Ago
|site no longer active|
Ben Schumin's site presents the history of various ocean liners from past to present day. Also, the site contains many great pictures. A must visit!
The Britannic
Dedicated solely to the HMHS Britannic, this site by Michail Michailakis is surely one of the best about the last of the three titans. Truly a great tribute to the largest of the Olympic-class liners!
The Crow's Nest
A tribute site to the P&O Line's SS Canberra. Her history, pictures of the ship and movie clips - all this and more can be found on this site. A great salute to 'The Great White Whale'!
Titanic: Sinking the Unsinkable
|site no longer active|
A very extensive site about the famous RMS Titanic. Features include lists of passengers and crew members, myths and stories of the ship as well as sections about her two sisters, the RMS Olympic and the HMHS Britannic.
The Red Duster
A site by Malcolm Pickhaver, The Red Duster is about the history of the British merchant marine and its shipping lines through history.
Gigantes del Océano
|site no longer active|
Extensive in its contents and with a nice design, this Spanish site by José Manuel Cerezo Gallego offers the reader a good insight on the subject of ocean liners. Unfortunately, the site is available only in Spanish.
The Unofficial Holland America Line Home Page
This site, created by Hans Segboer, is a marvellous tribute to the long history of the Holland America Line, the true gem of the Dutch merchant fleet. The company's history, extensive articles on the most famous of its vessels, photos - all can be found here along with a great feature: A complete ship index of the entire Holland America fleet!
Andrea Doria - Tragedy and Rescue at Sea
For certain, this site is one of the absolute best on its subject. Created by Andrea Doria survivor Anthony Grillo, it offers a great range information on this maritime tragedy.
S.S. Ceramic
A website about the Ceramic, which was torpedoed and sunk in World War II. It is mainly a research page inviting contacts, but presents some info as well.
The Official RMS Republic Website
Presenting original research which cannot be obtained elsewhere, this site is the premium web resource regarding the White Star liner Republic.
Cruising the 21st Century
This very stylish website by dutchman Onno Heesbeen presents many nice pictures of the great ships in service today.
Project Michelangelo
This site by Kalle Id is dedicated to the sisters Michelangelo and Raffaello, but it also presents some history on the Italia Line and some of their other vessels.
Willem's Maritime Pages
On this site you will find Willem's memories as a bellboy on board the classic Rotterdam during her first voyages and cruises. Furthermore there is a section dedicated to the Nieuw Amsterdam, pages about the Steamship Rotterdam Foundation, news from the present Holland America Line fleet and access to Willem's photo albums of cruiseships visiting Amsterdam.
The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives
This website is designed to provide an inventory of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives, one of the largest private archives of historical and genealogical related information for use by students, educators, historians, genealogists and researchers. Here you will find a wealth of information on shipping lines, ports, passenger manifests and more. The site also offers an extensive collection of pictorial material.

Due to the fact that we no longer have the time to review websites, The Great Ocean Liner Resource Award is not open for applications anymore. Thank you to all who have submitted their websites over the years!