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Ship Histories
Here, you will find all the articles about ships, ranging from 1838 to 1969. They are listed chronologically, starting with the Great Western. We have divided the ships in decades so there will not be any confusion when it comes to different ships that carried the same name (e.g. Britannic (I), (II) and (III)). The name selected for ships that carried several names (e.g. Columbus/Republic and Bismarck/Majestic) is the name the ship in question bore on her maiden voyage. Inside the documents, all the names the ship carried in intended passenger service are shown as head line. War-renamings (e.g. Normandie - Lafayette) or other temporary renamings (e.g. Ile de France - Furansu Maru) are not shown other than mentioned in the text below. The years below the head line is the ship's lifespan, starting with the year of its maiden voyage, and ending with either the year the ship was sold for scrap, declared a total loss (never returning to service) or met its demise in an accident. The company logo at the top of the document is that of the company the ship belonged to when setting out on the maiden voyage. The bottom table of each page shows the basic specifications of the ship. If not otherwise noted, these show the ship's original figures.
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Some topics we find interesting enough to write about, but as it does not fit among the Ship Histories, we place them here in this little 'gold-mine' for ship buffs. This page is divided into two sections; 'Maritime Trivia' and 'Facts & Figures'.
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